Staying in the USA After Graduation

studies in the USA

Whether you’re yet to start studies in the USA or are nearing completing your degree, an issue that lots of Indian students grapple with is whether or not and just how they may remain on publish-graduation. This publish provides you with an understanding of a few of the popular options to help you achieve your objectives.

What are your options?

studies in the USA

One option that lots of worldwide students consider after completing a Bachelors’s degree gets into graduate school for any Master’s or PhD, or business or school. But when studying further isn’t your goal, the following apparent step in securing employment.

In today’s scenario, the roles using the best prospects for worldwide and American students alike, because of the finest interest in qualified graduates to fill available vacancies, are individuals of the broad group of STEM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. For non-STEM graduates, however, the use prospects vary greatly. For example, while management levels may appear to possess more job prospects than art for internationals – that is in keeping with a degree? art majors happen to be considered to be hired by design companies. studies in the USA What securing employment comes lower to is sufficient of timely preparation (which nevertheless is true for those worldwide students, no matter area). This preparation involves research into potential employers and what must be done to obtain an edge, in addition to being informed of all of the rules and rules involved with taking on employment – including visas like the H-1B.

Decoding H-1B

H-1B visa is really a non-immigrant temporary visa for specialist occupation. Specialist occupation describes what requires theoretical and request of the body of specialized understanding. The minimum needs for acquiring this valued documentation include sponsorship from your US employer upon acquiring employment a U.S. Bachelors Degree or its foreign equivalent along with a correlation between your job responsibilities as well as your education and experience. This type of visa is granted for any three-year period, which may be extended to a different 3 years (but a maximum of six as a whole). In addition, this visa also makes its holder qualified to try to get permanent residency afterward.

A restriction is placed on the number of H-1B visas are issued every year, which has in the past been 65000, by having an additional 20000 visas issued for individuals who’ve completed a Masters’s degree in the USA (the advantage of the graduate school option). All applications are primarily subject to a lottery system that determines those which will be considered for the granting of H1B.

What are the chances for Indians?

Back in 2018, a report released by the USCIS showed that of the 4 lakh-plus H-1B visa holders in the USA, around 3 lakhs were Indians. Each year, 60% of the H-1B visas are granted to Indian applicants. Judging by these numbers, the chances for Indians are rather high.

However, present circumstances must be taken into consideration – under the Trump administration, in a bid to upping the job prospects for Americans, the rules for H-1B visa processing are being tightened, making it a bit harder for internationals to get them.

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