Study Options after Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science: With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, there are great study and work opportunities overseas!

If you want to Study Abroad, these are the Top 5 study options after finishing your Computer Science degree.

Data Science

Data Science is among the dynamic and lucrative new areas that anybody having a grounding in information technology can enter. Data Science is definitely an umbrella term for any multidisciplinary field that pulls on Information Technology, Predictive Analytics, Statistics, and Machine Understanding how to unearth actionable information from data.

A Master’s in Data Science will help you to obtain a strong foundation in most of these areas, and open several doorways for you after graduation!

Computer Science

Top Universities for Data Science

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA

MS in Data Science (2 years)

University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

MS in Data Science (1 year)

University of Melbourne, Australia

Masters in Data Science (2 years)

Kings College London, UK

MS in Data Science (1 year)

The University of British Columbia, Canada

Master of Data Science (1 year)

Business Analytics

Business Analytics experts are very popular within the employment market! In a Master’s in Data Analytics program, you will get a grounding in using record methods and technologies for analyzing large data sets, to assist companies within their proper decision-making.

Top Universities for Business Analytics

Imperial Business School – Imperial College London, UK

MSc Business Analytics (1 year)

University of Texas at McCombs, USA

Master of Science in Business Analytics (10 months)

Alliance Business School – Manchester University, UK

MSc Business Analytics (12 months)

University College Dublin, Ireland

MSc in Business Analytics (12 months)

University of Melbourne, Australia

Master of Business Analytics (1 year)

Artificial Intelligence

AI is easily the most advanced of career possibilities these days? ideal for the forward-thinking, innovative, and highly motivated youthful graduate! In a Master’s in AI program, become familiar with how you can develop programs simulating human intelligence, able to solve problems of massive scale. Many programs provide you with the choice to specialize even more, in everything from Machine Understanding how to Computer Vision.

Top Universities for AI

Imperial College London, UK

MSc Artificial Intelligence (1 year)

Anglia Ruskin University, UK

MSc Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (12 months or 20 months with placement)

The Australian National University, Australia

Master of Machine Learning and Computer Vision (2 years)


With everything else from governments to multi-billion-dollar companies moving online, the interest rate of cybercrime has elevated tremendously? meaning experts in cybersecurity are the necessity of the hour. The scope here’s huge, with sub-specializations in Application Security, Network Security, and so forth!

Top Universities for Cybersecurity

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

MS Cybersecurity

Abertay University, Scotland, UK

PGDip/MSc Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security (1 year)

University of Winnipeg, Canada

Network Security Diploma (16 months)


Anybody having a background in almost any subject can perform a Master of business administration? however, with experience in Information Technology as well as a Master of business administration, your employability will shoot up! By having a Master of business administration become familiar with how you can leverage your technical know-how into business possibilities, and bring your career to new heights.

Top Universities for MBA

London Business School, UK (15-21 months)

Melbourne Business School – University of Melbourne, Australia (1 or 2 years)

Oxford Said Business School (12 months)

Rotman School of Management – University of Toronto, Canada

The University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand

If you want to explore your options for Study Abroad after Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Hurray’s Overseas Education Consultancy Team is at your service!


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